Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC based in Longmont, Colorado, has recognized the need within the elderly population in providing a solution to the growing problem by offering funding support for continual care at their facilities. The mission of In The Master’s Steps is “To enhance the lives of the elderly people who require daily assistance care by providing financial support for those residents depleted of financial resources for continual quality stay at Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC, or Safe Harbor Care Center and Rehabilitation Facilities“. Once residents qualify for financial assistance based on meeting certain criteria, In The Master’s Steps will provide funding toward rent, as well as eyeglasses, medication, foot care, haircuts and dental preventive care



Only residents of Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC and Safe Harbor Care Center and Rehabilitation Facilities, receive the benefits from In The Master’s Steps Corporation.


1.  Fund balance of monthly rent amount only.

2.  Fund for eyeglasses, medications, foot care, hair cuts, toiletries, preventive dental care, transportation to doctor visits only. 

      a.  hospital and eye surgeries not covered.

      b.  dental work not covered. 

      c.  hospital costs not covered.

3.  Funeral costs not covered.


To ensure projected revenue totals are raised to cover necessary expenditures and meet client needs, an aggressive fundraising campaign will be initiated for funding support. Efforts to obtain donations will be acquired through various Gala Events, online donations, speaking engagements, individual contributions, auction events, brochure handouts to healthcare industry groups, local church groups and Senior Housing organizations. Opportunities for increasing donations will be created through gifting of Will’s and Trust’s, IRA’s and other Estate Planning programs from relatives of clients of Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC, or Safe Harbor Care Center and Rehabilitation Facilities.


Since 2007, Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC has played a critical role in offering a comprehensive elderly care service package, to the community of Longmont, Colorado and to its surrounding areas. Safe Harbor Assisted living, LLC is a beautiful ranch-style home, located near the Longmont Community Hospital and Longmont Clinic, as well as other specialized services. Provided services include, Dementia, COPD, Parkinson's, Hospice and End of Life Care, Cancer recipients, Medication Administration, wheelchair, Respite Care and Adult Day Care, as well as other physical and mental challenges. Our environment is truly unique, surrounded by beautiful furnishings and drapes, manicured yards-capes with waterfall, home cooked meals, pet therapy, life-enriching activities, joined by well trained professionals and high-quality caregivers. Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC is state certified through the State of Colorado and prides itself in operating through excellence, while offering a more personal touch to daily care needs of our residents. Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC was recently honored and recognized by the Colorado Enterprise Fund, as a successful Small Business Entrepreneurial company. The goal for Safe Harbor is for the residents to begin living and "thriving" again. Welcome home. Safe Harbor Assisted Living, LLC a home with a heart!


Services and Amenities


  • Manicured yards-capes with cascading waterfall

  • Beautiful furnishings

  • Elegant window drapes

  • Gourmet meals

  • Robust flower gardens

  • Cheerful and caring staff

  • Ranch-style home environment

  • Haircut/And Styling

  • Manicures/Pedicures

  • Dementia Care

  • Incontinence

  • Life-enriching activities and exercise plan

  • Pet Therapy

  • 24 Hour Care

  • Private and semi-private spacious rooms

  • Hospice and End Of Life Care

  • Long Term and Respite Care

  • Adult Day Care

  • Weekly Devotional Group Time